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Why i hate the white? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5625" title="Pages that link to Why i hate the white?" rel="nofollow" >Why i hate the white?\

I spend a lot off time in the site review section and one off the things i say a lot is this:
"...i don't like the white background you are using...."
and here is why:

1) I realy hate to think the web as something should look like paper.
Although a lot of webbuilders might started as paper artist (painting, making dtp designs, photographing etc.) the web is a completely different medium as paper and should look different.

2) White is boring as hell.
Ever been to somebody who has a complete white room?
It looks cold and chilly or like there is no one living in it...if you know what i mean.

3) The only thing i don't like is the white background, but that's becouse i really do not like white anyway.
Why? well i am behind my computer at night when the surroundings are a bit darker. On such moments white on a bright monitor gets really bright-white making it hard for me to focus. It is like looking into a lamp i guess. Personally i wil not use white on a light-emitting device, like a monitor or a tv, ever. But as i said this is me who realy hates white.
However if you think this site will be seen by people in a dark/gloomy room (for instance after getting home from work, they look in the evening) you might consider using a less bright color like light grey, light blue, creme, ivory or beige.

(Added by: Rinswind 2th on Tue 01-Apr-2003)

solution for problem number 3: turn a light on in the room! do your eyes a favor

(Edited by: DL-44 on Wed 30-Jul-2003)

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