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Hrm...here are all the sigs I have used/created so far, for lack of anything better to put in here:

Nice rectangular signature with random designs within it.

Signature inspired by the movie Back to the Future II. I used this for the movie signature contest.

Signature for "making a sig for other members" contest. This one is for eyezaer.

Entry number 2 for "making a sig for other members." This one is for CPrompt.

Entry 3 for "making a sig for other members" for Hugh. Gosh I love this theme....

This is the Release Form signature, my 4th entry for the "making a sig for other members" contest. Yes, I know the file is huge.

Xebra version 1.0 (Entry number one for the "Wildlife" sig competition)

Xebra version 2.0 (Entry number two for the "Wildlife" sig competition)

Nite Lite (Entry number one for the "Light" Signature contest)

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(Edited by Xenon on 05-31-2004 19:22)

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