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Is the Doc a real Doctor? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5691" title="Pages that link to Is the Doc a real Doctor?" rel="nofollow" >Is the Doc a real Doctor?\

The answer is yes of course

Here is one of his more detailed explanations:

Hah! Actaully, "Dr. Thaddeus Ozone" started life as a comic book character I created back in 1992, no fooling. When I got my first internet account in 1993, and knowing that the internet was nothing more than a big joke, I used his name for my nick. Over the years I've had to re-absorb the good doctor (who was an evil son of a bitch back then!) I've since registered "Thaddeus Ozone" as a legal persona, if I still had a bank account in the states I could accept checks made out in his name (my name!) Several folks bitched about the "Doctor" part, typically folks who had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for their moniker. I became an authorized Minister of the Universal Life Church (free! See www.ulc.com ), making it the Reverend Thaddeus Ozone, and then spent an aditional $20 to get my honorary Doctorate of Divinity, hence the "Dr. Thaddeus Ozone".

SO! Yes, I am a real doctor! And No! I did not spend a $250,000 and eight years like a jackass just to get a cool name. Sorry if I just called anyone I know a jackass, but don't you feel *silly*?

Your pal, -doc-

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