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How to set up an SBC Yahoo DSL connection without using their evil installation CD - The instalation CD that BSC/Yahoo sends with the DSL modem is on a par evil wise with AOL. It will try to install many many things that you most likely do not want, taking up a lot of hardrive space, hijacking default applications and such, possibly even causing instabilities. If you like stable systems, if you like to control your system resources and be in the driver's seat, don't put that CD in the tray.

(Added by: JKMabry on Sat 05-Jul-2003)

A more reliable way is to use a router. Read more about this method of dealing with PPPoE:

DSL setup using a router

Tele Menu : your guide to VoIP. This web site helps freelancers, small business owners and individuals research their VoIP options and learn about VoIP technology.

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