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What does 'Warning: main(): stream does not support seeking' mean? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5757" title="Pages that link to What does &amp;#039;Warning: main(): stream does not support seeking&amp;#039; mean?" rel="nofollow" >What does &#039;Warning: main(): stream does not support seeking&#039; mean?\

It means you have done something wrong with your include/require function. The error should point to a line like:


The fix if the site is on the same domain is to do:


if you need to include a file from another domain then try:


Tyberius Prime - Note: If you really need to include from a different machine(!), a) that machine must send out the source code, not the output of another php script, b) you'd better not use any $variables within the include(), (now, you better wouldn't do that at all, less an attacker includes code from *her* domain). c) you should really think about what you're doing... this is not gonna be fast, and creates extra traffic on the server.

Relevant links:

stream does not support seeking? - discusses the specific problem.

Template Design with PHP - excellent tuorial covering the use on includes.

Template Design with PHP part II - follow up to the above tutorial.


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