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How do I import my Access database into MySQL? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5842" title="Pages that link to How do I import my Access database into MySQL?" rel="nofollow" >How do I import my Access database into MySQL?\

As a lot of people are working on migrating from ASP/Access to PHP/MySQL these kinds of problems crop up. There are a number of solutions:


MyODBC is the driver which allows you to hook into the ODBC database API (found in Winows and Unix) which should make exporting possible.

1. Select your table

2. Go to File >> Export

3. Then in the 'Save as type' drop down scroll down to ODBC databases

4. The export dialogue opens asking:

'Export TABLE to
in ODBC Database'

where you can select a new name if you want then click OK.

5. You now get the 'Select Data Source' dialogue box.

6. Select the 'Machine Data Source' tab. If MyODBC has been installed properly it should show up here.

7. If it can't connect to the MySQL database it will bring up the DSN configuration box and you can make sure the settings are right (or add your settings). If you are still haivng toruble make sure Apache and MySQL are running.

MySQL® Connector/ODBC - the main MyODBC page with links to the lastest versions.

Access Dump

If you don't have Access or you run into difficulties then Access Dump can be used to convert the files.

Intranet 2 Internet - the Access Dump home page where it and a variety of other tools are available to make the process easier.

Text Dump

Just simply dump it as text and if you are using phpMyAdmin you can import it as long as you make sure the delimters are set.

1. Select your table

2. Go to File >> Export

3. Then in the 'Save as type' drop down scroll down to 'Text Files' and leave the 'save formatted' box unchecked.

4. Click the 'Save All' button.

5. This brings up the Export Text Wizard which gives you options and shows you the result.

6. You want to make sure the 'Delimited' radio button is checked.

7. If you want to change any options (like the delimter or the fields to be exported, etc.) it can be done by clicking the 'Advanced' - some of these (e.g. delimter) can also be set on the next page. So press Next and change those options if needed.

8. Click Next and it shows your location for the dump and you can select finish which saves the file and exists the wizard.

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