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by Yannah

Hate is always something about pyschological suffering
And is something that I always have
I'm telling you that it's hard to live like this
Having all the problems in your heart.

Think first before you act is what I do
But tends to be a rule
I wish I could just make it stop
So I won't have to be paranoid.

But this is too hard,
I'd rather take this sole away
And live in the depths of my own realm
You probably think that I don't know what I'm saying
But the truth it's you who doesn't know how to accept the facts.

I swear that when I'm gone
We will see each other some day
And will make you feel anguish inside and out
Like the way I did.

I like this. It just needs a little polishing, but the potential is definitely there.

(Edited by Rameses Niblik the Third on 04-12-2004 07:58)
(Edited by Yannah on 11-11-2004 00:56)

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