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Python tutorials Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5846" title="Pages that link to Python tutorials" rel="nofollow" >Python tutorials\

Put any good Python tutorials here:

Thinking in Python - a nice online book about python

Advise from Tyberius Prime:
The help tutorial is a pretty good start. The rest of the documentation isn\'t bad either. The big general python faq is well worth a read. So is just about every post by Tim Peters in comp.language.python. Bicycle Repair Man, a refactoring browser for Python, or any IDE that integrates it, is handy.
Absorb the c2->PythonPhilosophy,
and feel free to ask any of your questions in the Asylum. The ServerSideScripting forum would probably be appropriate. We won\'t condem you if it\'s gui stuff, either.
And as always: Use version control (tip of the day: Subversion - subversion book for all your questions - and this for a nice windows explorer integration.

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