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From: The Pool Of Life
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posted posted 06-20-2003 21:58

21st June 2003
Yes it's true in the UK anyway. I'm sort of glad I rememberd.
Anyone plan anything special to mark the day?
I did have all kinds of plans for Saturday, until I remembered it was the longest day, and I like to take Time Out on this day
So I decided just to take it really easy "Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high" I may go to the park and take some pictures.
tao takes time to just stop, and look

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posted posted 06-20-2003 22:00

here in austria its also tomorrow...i think =)
just gonna go to the city in the evening....partying.....drinking.....just city and friends


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From: Seoul, Korea
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posted posted 06-21-2003 02:10

Is it really the longest day? Well, in about twenty minutes I'm heading off to school to study the Analects of Confucius. Then most likely some translation in the afternoon. At least I'll have a little more time to get everything done...

What do you mean that's not the way it works?

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