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posted posted 08-29-2003 10:08

Someone has asked if I can format their pc and put XP pro on it. Since it's impractical for me to do this at his house I agreed to bring his base unit to my house and do it here.

My question is, will there be any problems with him taking it back and hooking up to his equipment. I understand XP only allows a certain amount of hardware changes before it has to be re-registered.

further, If I connect to the internet using his machine, will that affect his internet connection settings once he gets it back home?

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From: :morF
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posted posted 08-29-2003 10:30

The only thing XP limits is internal hardware of the long as it's all there the activation code should work. It doesn't limit the peripherals (Mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, whatever) you can hookup before you need a new activation code.

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