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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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posted posted 10-31-2003 18:34

For those that are seeking a PHP alternative to Flash remoting, take a gander at:

I've already begun a few of the tutorials and the capabilities are interesting. I'd like to see if anyone else here in the Asylum has heard of this project. Though still in development, it seems a promising alternative for remoting with PHP - and works nicely with MM's UI components. A word of warning, there is not much documentation aside from tutorials.

BTW, moderators please move this thread if necessary. I figured since it is a topic that could span a few sections, I'd throw it here.

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Maniac (V) Mad Scientist with Finglongers

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posted posted 10-31-2003 18:39

Thumper: Thanks - I added it to the FAQ a while ago:

:FAQ: Is it possible to do Flash Remoting with PHP?

but it can't hurt to give it more promotion

I will move this to server-side scripting though.


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