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posted posted 04-10-2004 08:00

All up I have 6 film files that I want to burn to DVD which is 4.7 GB big. The film files themselves add up to 4.04 GB, yet when I use any program to burn them to my DVD it says there isnt enoug room and they add up to 24GB? This is without any fancy menu...just plain simplistic navigation, background music, etc.

Is there a way to getting them on there with simple navigation like a DVD or VCD? Without any size issues? Any programs at all?

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posted posted 04-11-2004 01:38

Perhaps this might help you

DVD Shrink

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posted posted 04-13-2004 00:11

It sounds like your trying to burn formats such as .avi, divx or some other type of file onto a DVD . If your files add to 4 gigs you may burn them as data in that format onto the dvd but you are probably actually trying to burn them in DVD format . when you do this it most burning software reencodes the file into a DVD format on the fly or creates a DVD image on your HDD. The resultant DVD format is many times larger than the original file. If your originals are already in DVD format then I'm way off base here, but thats all that comes to mind. for instance a 700 meg avi will yield a 3 to 4 gig DVD (depending on things like menus.)
6 files x 3 to 4 gigs = somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 gigs ish.

hope this helps

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posted posted 04-13-2004 08:58

speaking of dvd burners, where can i buy one in the philippines? I tried at Columbia already but they dont have any.


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posted posted 04-13-2004 09:03

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posted posted 04-18-2004 10:01

Could you tell us what the original format is of the stuff you are trying to burn? If you 'extract' or 'rip' an original movie from a dvd disk.. it starts out as about 4.5 gigs... and ends up as 5.5 to 6 gigs'ish.. so what happens? All the data decompresses and expands.. so what you should do is get yourself a decent dvd writer and decent software that can handle all popular formats.. then recompress your data before writing it to the new blank dvd so all the data can fit back on the disk. There are many ways to do this.. But trying to convert your dvd to .avi or .mov format.. your going to end up with collossal files.. So again I ask.. what's the original fornat of those 6 movies you are talking about burning?

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