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posted posted 12-07-2001 15:47

I hope this makes sense coming out, it's early, I'm only on my first coffee of the day. Regardless, here goes.

I was curious if any of you knew a place that explains how to code a button to insert text into a text box. For example.
Say I have a text box in which the user inserts their info. Instead of expecting them to know html (line breaks, bold, what-not, simple stuff), I want to put a button below the text box that, when hit, will enter said html into their text.

If anyone knows of a place I could visit to learn to do this...I know its possible, I have an inkling of how to accomplish it, but before I go messing with the sql, I'd like a better idea. Any help would be incredibly appreciated, guys.

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posted posted 12-07-2001 17:11

I don't know if I can do it, but I may have an example for you. Just let me get one thing cleared up:

You have a text box and a button. What would the person type into the text box that would be changed into HTML?

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posted posted 12-07-2001 17:52

Amaruuk: That made perfect sense to me (I think) you may need a little bit of server side scripting to properly process the input from the textarea (like PHP's nl2br and you'd need to make sure noone was submitting scripting that would cause all sorts of problems) but, if I understood your problem, this should do what you want:

WebFX are always worth checking out for things like this.

I don't think its very crossbrowser so you'd need to explain this to your users. It is also expanable as I've got it working with super and subscript.

The implementation is pretty easy.


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