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posted posted 02-11-2004 08:35

So, I've been creating websites for a while and I keep on reading comments about how bad it is to use frames. In my case I use frames for my main content. Every time a menu-item is clicked, the corresponding content is displayed in an Iframe.

Why are frames so bad?

What should I do instead?

The answer I think is to use <DIV> tags but I still have some questions. If I look at I see a lot of <DIV> tags but I am looking in the source for a piece of code which targets the url of a menu item in a div tag? Is this possible anyway? I think the page reloads every time a menu item is clicked. Isn't it better to load only the clicked url and leave the parent page?

What's your opinion? I'm still googling for some good tutorials but will certainly appreciate some tips.


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posted posted 02-11-2004 13:49

this may answer your question, "Why are frames so bad?"

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posted posted 02-11-2004 21:54

Sam: It depends on what you want to use the iframe for - scrolling or actually loading external content. I can't really see the point in the later given improved browser caching but the questions are addressed here:

:FAQ: How do I make a cross-browser scroller?

:FAQ: How do I make a cross-browser iframe effect?

If you explained what you were trying to do in more detail then we could possibly pint you in the right direction - you might actually be looking for something more like includes i.e. you want to make updating your sites content easier.


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