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I'm trying to choose a good host for a site I'm doing, and I need some advice. How does the amount of data transfer affect my site?
Can anyone recommend a site that offers advice/therapy for people trying to select a host? Does anyone have a host that they just love that they can recommend?


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data transfer refers to the amount of hits you're getting basically. Say you have a page that is 40k in total weight and you get 10,000 hits per month on that page you've transfered 400,000k or 400MB. Most hosts offer a Gig or 2 in transfer so you should be alright unless you're expecting tons of traffic.

As far as hosts go, try Pugzly, he might have a little somethin for you. I've got sites on Dreamhost and they've been real good but are experiencing some snafus as of late with an upgrade. Media Temple Looks real good but I've had no personal experience with them.


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IP logged posted posted 11-28-2001 04:57 Edit Quote

HostRocket is a new kid on the block that offers some attractive looking packages.

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