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Okay, so how do I really get my foot in the door? I'm now one of the million just out of college with a B.A. in some unrelated degree kids looking for a "real job". Hooray! But I'm looking at and Gurus and TechieJobs....and most jobs are for "senior analysts" or "senior project managers" and the like. I'm looking for a "web designer" type job. I'm an all around type - some coding, graphics, design, how do I go finding a job now?

I have my resume online, I'm working on putting together my own site and I have one or two under my belt with a few more on the way...what next? Is it the old fashion just start sending out the resume to whatever design companies I can find (in Manhattan BTW) or what?

...thanks a bunch for any help....

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Read this can also check the FAQ ...

That might help...

Took a look at your resume...not bad. To 'get it spiffed up' you might want to submit it to the site review forum....

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