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IP logged posted posted 08-14-2002 19:43 Edit Quote

Hey guys, I'm stumped. I have this lady that wants me to redo their logo design and she asked the infamous "how much will you charge?". I honestly have no Idea. What do you usually charge?? (asked to anyone in general). Any help or clues??

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IP logged posted posted 08-14-2002 20:02 Edit Quote

Well, I recently agreed to do a logo for a local band who will be doing their first studio recording soon.
I asked three things:
$100 cash
my name in the liner notes of the CD
a copy of the CD

I guess this is pretty cheap, but I also know they will come to me in the short future for web site dev which is going to bring in a lot more $$. Besides, they (the band members) are well connected in the community and, if satisfied, will likely recommend my services to other bands and businesses.
I weighed all that and thought the above was pretty fair.
Really, the 2nd and 3rd requirements were far more important to me than the first. $100 is $100, but my name on something printed is worth a lot more.


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*starts writing mobrul's name and number on the bathroom wall*

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~writes "For a good time call" above what petskull just wrote~

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hmm, kind of an old topic but i'm bored.

I'd say I'm pretty cheap, but I usually set an hourly rate of $25/hr.
I recently did one where i came up with 3 variations for the guy. Took me 13 hours.
So it came out to $325.

They got to keep all the images, and i sent them a cd of the files (cause its print work mostly for signs).

That's all the outright logo design i've done, most other is done in conjunction with website design.

Make sure you make it clear that they are commissioning you for a logo, and you expect payment upon receipt of the variations you have come up with. Obviously if they are not satisifed with them, you can work with them.
But just make sure they know its not a "buy it if you like it" deal.

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One of the best place for logo design in affordable price is [edit tp: spam removed.]

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