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IP logged posted posted 01-14-2003 18:03 Edit Quote

I am beginning my own web design business and well I am really just out of college and am doing a website for my uncle's business to kind of get my feet wet. To me the biggest challenge seems to be getting my client to give me content for his site. Do any of you consider this a challenge when doing a web page? How far do you involve yourself in getting content. I mean is it literally like pulling teeth sometimes? By the way I am kind of new to the asylum, a year or so ago I was here under the username adaline, So hi to the asylum again.

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IP logged posted posted 01-14-2003 18:23 Edit Quote

The Inmate Formlery Known as Adaline: It can be a really difficult part - you can have the nicest design and setup but if they are umming and arrring over handing things over. I doubt there is any magic trick for this (getting to know someone connected personally is always a good idea as they might do it as a favour) but as it is your uncle and I assume you are doing this as a favour/portfolio filler then I think it is a poor show. Can't you get a close relative to get on his case for you?


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Nervous Wreck (II) Inmate

From: Kansas, USA
Insane since: Jan 2003

IP logged posted posted 01-14-2003 18:31 Edit Quote

I am doing this as a favor but he is also paying me for it. I just don't know how far to involve myself. He runs a agricultural retail business and he wants to put his equipment up on the web for his clients to see before they buy so the site would require a lot of photos and specs. Do I go out and take the pictures for them or is that something they do? Also when doing a write up about their company history do they do the write up or do I have to write something up? Honestly I prefer to just do design and coding, I'd rather not have to deal with a lot of writing and such but I guess I just do not know how far to go or if it is appropriate to say I won't do certain things.

And btw, I remember you emps, you reviewed my old site

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IP logged posted posted 01-14-2003 20:19 Edit Quote

that's been the number one reason I've tailed off in doing 'favor sites'. Someone asks, begs, pleads, you get to work, knock out a nice design and they don't want to put any effort into getting you the content?!?! That's frustrating. Ingrates, the worst kind. Unbelieveable. Yes, it happens a lot; when doing work as a favor.

Make em pay and they help more =) still have to get in there sometimes and help though. Sometimes you'll need to write it yourself or hire a technical writer to do it even (but you're getting paid to do it or subcontracting it to a writer).

But bottom line in your sitaation is the freebie I think. Attach worth to it and the client/friend usually will as well.


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IP logged posted posted 01-22-2003 18:22 Edit Quote

Just a personal opinion, I would say that doing a little bit of writing is OK. But doing any significant amount of writing ... getting photos ... whew! That there is cause for hiking up the rate you charge quite a bit.

In any future professional projects you do, make sure to get an agreed-upon timeline for when you have to have things done and when the customer has to have things to you. Then get that timeline in writing and signed. As this experience is teaching you, not everyone puts a high priority on their website. You can be easily forgotten or put off by the client. Charge 'em money for missing the agreed-upon schedule and they'll start paying attention. Of course, the street goes both ways; you'll have to stick the schedule as well or risk losing cash.

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