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(Created by Tyberius Prime on 04-11-2004 06:54)
now that the grail has become the asylum, i find the "next newest topic" and "previous topic" links missing at the bottom of the messages. for those of us on dial-up, using one click to move to the next topic was a lot faster. unless, i've missed something on the page that allows the "one click to the next topic" as opposed to two clicks (back and forth to the menu)?

(Edited by velvetrose on 04-11-2004 10:14)
Answer by ->Tyberius Prime: Such a future would be difficult to implement, or at least slow down the loading of pages considerably (since we'd actually have to find out what is the next/previous page in the forum). I suggest you get a browser that actually shows you the page you've seen before when you hit back.


a few things:
- i have a new faq cell number, my user info is called a cell now-with a different number, and my old faq cell number is now someone elses user info number. this is a bit disorienting but i guess i'll adjust.
->Tyberius Prime: Indeed. Couldn't be helped though.

- in the faqs, when i click on the editors name, sometimes i get the user info, sometime a not found error, and sometimes a new window opens to the asylum front page.
->Tyberius Prime: Possibly the old user links did not get adjusted. New links work (the user info), old links should either produce a not found (since the script ain't there anylonger), or redirect to the front page. There has been no effort to keep the old profile links active ;(.
- in the faqs, i notice there is no more voting (?) so the faq pages about voting are made somewhat obsolete. i suspect there are probably others.
->Tyberius Prime: Indeed again. Turns out, we disabled voting, but somehow the 'delete a faq' feature didn't get done. It's on the todo list.
- and is it just me, or did the time stamp change?
->Tyberius Prime: If you mean that the Asylum is currently on Western US Daylight time - Yes, I fear. I've got a todo that says 'bring it back to CEDST' (ie. Sweden's time).

-also, slimies are being replaced with "Little Red X's of Doom". Observe ->
-Yes, that's a bad example, but they aren't working in the actual forums.
->Tyberius Prime: aeh... like in tj333's post in Non Plaudite. Modo Peculniam Jacite. (New Asylum Announcment)?

(Edited by Tyberius Prime on 04-12-2004 10:26)

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