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Date of Arrival
14th of December 2004
Bipolar (III) Inmate
Current Location
The Leather Wheeliechair
Contact Details

dave [at] this should obviously be removed davedot {dot} com - overkill? maybe.

Additional Information

The name's Dave.

Erm... yeah. I hate doing these things. I do some stuff with web design, a little php and occasionally a dash of mysql. I'm actually a pre-vet student at Virginia Tech, natively from western New York. I use proper xhtml (including the proper mime-type where applicable) and css, and do my best to use it semantically.

Outside of web design, I'm engaged to the sweetest boy in the world. Politically I'm relatively liberal, but there are issues on which the democrats could not be more wrong. I enjoy fluffernutter sandwiches. I speak horse. I'm not fluent, but I'm conversational. They can really be the most disagreeable creatures sometimes, even when you give them exactly what they want.

I really wish I could use HTML for this thing. I just want my markup to be perfect. Is that so much to ask?

OCD? maybe.


I have not fallen from grace; Grace has fallen from me.
"If I close my mind in fear, please pry it open"
- Metallica "Outlaw Torn"

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