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I need some help here...

I am new to Flash and Corel R.A.V.E. I want to save the vector files I made with Corel Draw, open and use them to create a Flash animation in Flash 5. When I save the file in CD as .swf and try to open it with Flash 5 it doesn't even appear in the file directory in which it was previously saved.
I've tried using R.A.V.E, but it sucks (or at least that's my premature conclusion). Any suggestions?

Thanks, but .eps didn't work. I've tried several formats and none of them seem to work. I am trying to transfer a file from CD 10 to Flash 5, I don't think I can, so I've tried CD to Freehand 10, and CD to Illustrator 8 as well.

Please keep in mind that I'm totally new to Flash 5.

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I don't use CD, but can you export your illustration as an .eps? That should solve your problems then.

good luck

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From: San Diego CA USA
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I am in no way a flash guru either, but let me try to explain or expand upon my previous post so that maybe I can be somewhat helpful to you!

Here is what I do:
I create my vector images in Illustrator , (sorry, don't use or have much experience w/CD) then export as an .eps, saving it as an "Illustrator .eps" in a version lower than Illustrator 7, than import it into Flash 5. Then I select my illustration, and either "ctrl+b" or "modify > break apart" untill it is completely ungrouped/broken. Then you can modify your drawing if needed, or regroup depending on what kind of animation/tweening you are going to do. The key is to break it all apart first.

Now for you in your situation, if you can save from CD directly as an Ill .eps lower than version 7, hopefully bypassing illustrator altogether, what I have explained above hopefully will be a solution -- if not, try taking the long route again, meaning going from CD --> Illustrator --> Flash. It has to be easier than than that, but who knows, sometimes you have to use 3 different programs to do one thing. Like my day today at work .... but that's a different topic all together!

...and when you say "the .eps won't work", it could be because you saved it as an Ill 8? If you can bring it into flash, but cannot modify it, remember to break it apart.

So maybe this will help, or someone else can jump in with the "right" way of doing this vs. the Lotiss hack! Good Luck!

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