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posted posted 08-27-2001 20:06

I am intersted in trying to convert photos (portraits, stills, etc.) to "watercolor like" or "oil like" paintings. Ideally, I would rather not spend hours on Photoshop 'creating' a masterpiece. Can Photoshop ( or Painter, etc.) be 'programmed' to do for all photos that I do for one?

Obviously, you can see my experience and expertise is very limited.

Secondly, can I produce 'fantastic' output with a professional (i.e expensive) printer that can print to canvas or watercolor paper?

Any advice here would be appreciated.

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posted posted 08-28-2001 04:32

Craig -

Answer to part one - it depends. A Photoshop Action can record any menu operation nd play it back for as many files as you point at it, either one at a time or in batches. BUT it can't recored manual operations like painting brush strokes. So.... if you want to run a series of filters on your photos, sure - Photoshop can play that back. If you want to get in there and smear the paint (er, I mean pixels) - on an individual basis for each image - don't look for automation.

Answer to second question - some high end ink jet printers can apply pigment to just about anything including heavy art papers and textiles like canvas. Iris is the most common I think. Not cheap, but stunning prints if done by someone who know what they are doing.

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posted posted 08-28-2001 20:41

MMMM Iris prints

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