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wcr one
Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: seattle
Insane since: Mar 2001

posted posted 09-05-2001 22:47


I was wondering what is the best way to print from illustrator. I have printed from PS and my printer, though not great, came close enough to the colors I saw on my screen that I was happy. With Illustrator however, the colors always seem a bit desaturated/lighter. I have tried to save as another format (i.e. gif jpg) with the same results. I have seen discussion in the asylum about this but I was unable to find it with a search.

<edit> oh, my printer is just a lexmark something I got at costco. the results tho are quite good for the price</edit>
thanks for the help

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Paranoid (IV) Mad Scientist

From: 8675309
Insane since: Jul 2000

posted posted 09-06-2001 13:58

The best way to print from Illustrator is to just print the Illustrator file. If you're having color issues, you probably need to set your color settings. It's similar to Photoshop in that regard. The color settings can be found under the file menu. Does that help you?

Paranoid (IV) Mad Scientist

From: Houston, TX, USA
Insane since: Apr 2000

posted posted 09-06-2001 16:32

If you've had good luck in PS you might also consider exporting as an EPS and adjusting your colors in PS and printing from there...



wcr one
Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: seattle
Insane since: Mar 2001

posted posted 09-06-2001 17:22

I'll look into those things. thanks

Maniac (V) Inmate

From: Boston, MA, USA
Insane since: Apr 2000

posted posted 09-08-2001 05:02

I'm guessing Jeni hit it. Probably a colorsync mismatch. Is your Photoshop file RGB? Is Illustrator converting it to CMYK without you realizing it? Is your RGB working space in PS something like sRGB (an okay default for web but not print)? Have you screwed around with your monitor to make prints "look like the screen" in Photoshop?

Consumer level desktop inkjet printers can be tricky. They print with CMY (plus others sometimes), but want RGB sent to them; then they convert on the fly intermnally withou you haveing much control over what happens. To make matters worse, they default to some sort of colormanagement internally (at least my little Epson does) - the FUBAR potential is almost unavoidable!

I'm really not an Illustrator whiz, but if the exact same image prints considrably differently in the two apps, some color management is going on that you didn't plan for, and you'll have to track down where in the flow it's happening.

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