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posted posted 01-01-2002 08:02

Hello all I was glancing at the Adobe Font Folio collection - a tremendous variety of fonts. However of these, what are your favorite fonts and why? Any tips would be appreciate on their use. Thx bye!

Perfect Thunder
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posted posted 01-01-2002 19:11

Times (and variants thereof) are ubiquitous and effective. They're easy to read, they're not distracting, they're almost completely neutral.

Helvetica (and its clone Arial) is the same way. Very effective, used almost everywhere. Sometimes it's accused of being overused, but even so, if I had no type library, one of my first buys would be Helvetica Neue (which has a great many variants, unlike whatever came with your computer or Photoshop).

Baskerville, New Century Schoolbook, Myriad, and Cushing are considered to be heavy-duty workhorse fonts, although of course each one has a different 'feel'. If you're typesetting a great deal of text, you might want to consider a font like this.

My personal favorite sans-serif font is Frutiger. It has the crisp look of Helvetica, but its subtle angles and friendly asymmetries give it a happy, personable feel. You might also consider Futura; the font has a vintage feel reminiscent of old boy scout manuals. Or Gill Sans, another "friendly" sans-serif, slightly more haughty than Frutiger.

For more formal occasions, you'll absolutely require some variant of the ever-so-wealthy-looking Garamond (Adobe, Stempel, I'm sure there are others). Another valid choice would be Bodoni, which is less upper-class but more old-fashioned than Garamond.

There are pet fonts I'm skipping, and widely-used fonts I'm forgetting or ignoring, and I'm completely skipping over the splashy display fonts--but what I've mentioned should be sufficient for everyday layout and text design.

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posted posted 01-02-2002 17:31

if you're actually looking for fonts, this is a great place to find some...

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posted posted 01-02-2002 18:44

Berling is a favourite font of mine. It is fairly similar to Garamond, which I also like. But it is really hard to pick a favourite.

Bickham is a nice fancy script font, though it is rather hard to read.

I agree with PerfectThunder about Futura and GillSans.

For html text on the web I almost only use sans-serif fonts - Verdana, Tahoma and Arial.

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posted posted 01-06-2002 04:20
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