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posted posted 06-19-2003 07:30

I recall seeing options in some applications for what shape the pixels should be -- square by default. I was wondering if some of these other "pixel shapes" had to do with printing.

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Bipolar (III) Inmate

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posted posted 06-19-2003 17:53

If you are refering to halftone dot types. There are several types; round, square, diamond, elliptical, and a few speciality shapes. All have their uses in different types of workflows. My guess Elliptical would be the standard, which provides smoothest midtones and is excellent for reproducing fleshtones. But I have often used round or square dots, when my films to be laser scanned in production of grauvre cylinders.

If you are refering to actual pixels there are only two shapes I am aware of, square or rectangle. Ractangle pixels are generally used for video work where the pixel elements are rectangler in shape. Square pixels are used for everything else such computer monitors, images for print, and I think HDTV.

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