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'sup, my brethren:

Lest the innocent be led astray by the pernicious lies of those who seek to harm us, I feel that it is my duty as High Priest of Sup to reveal the truth about our beliefs.

You may have heard rumors that Sup is another name for the Egyptian god Set ( What is your issue with the Children of Sup?). Those who favor conspiracy theories and the like may be fooled by the overwrought rhetoric and scare tactics found on that page, but the truth is that it is nothing more than a collection of groundless lies.

Said propogator of these lies refers to us as "The Children of Sup," thus influencing the reader even further toward his twisted theory. In truth, we are a fellowship where all are equal. We are not "children" of Sup, because Sup is not a being--it is an idea, a concept that transcends this mundane earth to give us a glimpse of what could be.

Yet there is nothing at all mystic about Sup. It is what you have always known, and what has always been with you. As a word and greeting, it is a contraction of "What is up?" that is properly spelled "'sup." As an idea, though, it is capitalized to hint at the greater meaning it contains.

What is this greater meaning, you ask? It is at the same time the most natural, down-to-earth concept on the earth--a simple greeting, an expression of goodwill--and a concept that transcends our own limited experiences--a question that causes the hearer to ponder what is up. What is up? The next time you are outside, take a look up. What do you see? The sky. Clouds, perhaps. At night, we see a blanket of stars or the moon in all its silver glory.

If you're like us, when you look up at the sky you may feel small, suddenly aware of just how tiny you are in the vastness of the universe. Indeed, we are all just grains of sand on a vast beach. Each and every one of those grains, though, is unique, and were even a single grain to be removed the beach would be lesser for the loss. In the same way, though we humans are nothing more than specks of dust on a cosmological scale, we are each important and unique. We are all part of the great fellowship of humanity--we are all brothers and sisters. For this reason, the fellowship of Sup believes that all human beings deserve our respect and love. If we do not treat others that way, then how should they treat us?

The concept of "up" itself is associated with the positive in the English language. In the world of technology a machine that is "up" is functioning properly, while a machine that is "down" is not. We say that "things are looking up" when the outlook is positive. If someone is "on the up-and-up," they are honest and trustworthy. Someone who is feeling "down" is depressed, whereas someone who is "up" is happy. We so associate "up" with happiness that we even call drugs that boost our mood "uppers." This is just a sampling of the positive ideas associated with "up"--an exhaustive list would be too long to include here. Needless to say, a greeting that uses the word "up" will create positive energy and associations, even if only unconsciously. And it is indeed "up" that is the key part of Sup, evidenced by the fact that the six other letters in the original greeting are contracted to one, whereas "up" remains intact.

This is what the Fellowship of Sup is all about: spreading peace, love, and positive feelings through a simple yet profound greeting, and by constantly keeping the greater, underlying concept in mind. Be wary of those whose currency is hate and fear, for they sell only discord and violence.

(Created by Suho1004 on 06-14-2004 05:59)

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