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Welcome to my cell! Feel free to sit down anywhere you'd like--oh, except there. Thanks.

(OK, now all of the links should work...)

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Suho1004, the guardian angel. I am an American, but I've lived in Korea for the past seven years (this confuses some people, who can't figure out why my English is better than theirs). I am a graduate student here--in between degrees, I guess you could say. Yes, it is finally 100% official. My thesis has been printed, it sits in the library, and I am the proud owner of a Master's Degree in Korean Classical Literature (this explains why you may see some inmates calling me "Master Suho"--it all started with a celebrity endorsement and kind of rolled downhill from there). Now I've just got to figure out what to do with the thing. For starters, I will be entering the PhD program (then it'll be Doc Suho!) at the beginning of next year. I also translate Korean documents into English for various clients. I've still yet to land that really big job (read: permanent position) I'm hoping for. That will most likely have to wait until I get my PhD.

I've been married for five years now, but my wife has not been deemed clinically insane yet, so I've got the cell all to myself. No kids yet, either.

What, not enough info? My, you're morbidly curious, aren't you? Well, here are a few places in the Asylum where I have talked about my life in excruciating detail. You have been warned.

Life... (started by Lala)
Who's who? Part IV (started by synax)

Favorite current threads:

RPG - starting a new campaign III - Yep, we're on our third thread and we still haven't really started playing yet. Soon, though...
Funniest Joke In the Asylum - There is some absolutely hysterical stuff in here...
The Asylum Think Tank, 2002... - The Asylum futurists take a stab at creating future timelines... (this one has been resurrected, for the time being)
Asylum Love - The softer side of the Asylum

Favorite old threads:

Your final moments... - If you haven't read it, do so. But not while drinking anything...
Lock Tester Returns (Mwaahahahaha) - I think this one has finally ground down....

My proudest moment (so far):

Winning the May sig contest. This was my winning sig:

I'll also be scrawling some of my thoughts about life here in the Asylum. You can read those on that wall over there, the one that says Asylum Diary in big, crayon letters. If, for some morbid reason, you want to delve deeper into my personality, you could also check out my results for various Internet personality tests. And if you want to scrawl something on my walls, I've left a guest space open over there.

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