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So what does Suho1004 mean? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5234" title="Pages that link to So what does Suho1004 mean?" rel="nofollow" >So what does Suho1004 mean?\

First, let's start with this sig of mine:

This is a play on my Korean name, actually, which is Suho ("Su" meaning "outstanding" or "distinguished," and "Ho" meaning "heaven" or "prosperous"--in other words, a difficult name to translate). My nickname, Suho1004, takes advantage of the fact that, in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, words with the same sounds can mean different things depending on the characters. Pronounced in Korean ("Su-Ho-Cheon-Sa"), my nickname has the same sound as the words for "guardian angel," and that's what the characters in my sig mean. Thus, I am Suho1004, the guardian angel!

(Added by: Suho1004 on Mon 12-Aug-2002)
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*UnknownComic Wonders aloud why guardian angels have torture devices... "huh, why do guardian angels have torture devices?"

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