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posted posted 03-15-2005 17:09

My ISP is now offering at no charge...the following. Has/does anyone use such a package?

My neighbour has the same isp and I'm the one who has to fix the screw ups and I wondering if a service like this actuallly works well enough to give it a go. Something in my belly tho' makes me a bit leary. Your experience??

Anti-virus - stops viruses, worms, and Trojans from infecting your computer through email, web browsing, or infected floppy disks and CDs.
Firewall - the robust personal firewall keeps hackers and worms out of your computer.
Parental controls - scans each website against a set of parameters that you help create to protect your children from inappropriate Internet content.
Anti-spam - filters all inbound email messages and moves spam to a separate folder.
Spyware protection - blocks and scans for common Spyware on your computer in an effort to ensure your information is kept personal and that no unsolicited information is being gathered.
Pop-up blocker - prevents pop-up of intrusive and unauthorized advertising windows.
Constant software updates - checks for virus updates on an hourly basis, as well provides detailed descriptions of current threats, and explains the risk and why it is important to take preventative action.
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posted posted 03-15-2005 18:15

_What_ antivirus software?
_What_ firewall?
_What_ parental controls?
_What_ anti-spam software?
_What_ anti-spyware software?
...Pop-up blocker?'s that gonna work.
Constant software updates...oh, I'm beginning to get the idea - Windows XP plus a bunch of bundled crap they're reselling.

I wouldn't want this even if I were running Windows with no protection from anything. An ISP should do ONE thing and ONE thing only - provide an internet service.

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From: The Land of one Headlight on.
Insane since: May 2001

posted posted 03-15-2005 19:16

Well they're not 'reselling' the package, it's included in the monthly fee... if you want it. But yes... those are questions I would like answered by the provider. Info on the providers site instructs removal of existing virus scanners but they don't say diddly about anything else.. so I can't quite figure out what's going on... is all this stuff installed on your 'puter... or is there also server side stuff involved?

Regardless, my knee-jerk is stay away... but I don't know for sure... and if it's going to save me working on the neighbours system... I have to consider it. =)

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From: Florida
Insane since: Mar 2005

posted posted 03-15-2005 19:52

I mean reselling as in I find it highly unlikely any of that stuff is actually created by the ISP. Get the particulars and it might be good for poor newbies that are otherwise stuck with AOL.

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From: Dublin, Ireland
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posted posted 03-15-2005 20:27

If its server sided I wouldn't go for it, call em and find out. If its software they send you , go for it , why not? Then you could just use the spyware protection only for example.
for Anti-Spam, use gmail.
for Parental control, dont have kids , hehe
and popups are controlled nicely by firefox.

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From: beyond the gray sky
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posted posted 03-15-2005 22:21
reisio said:

otherwise stuck with AOL

sounds like they're talking about aol

I use FireFox, Norton 2004 and Ad-Aware... I haven't had any troubles in a LONG time

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posted posted 03-15-2005 23:30

The key issue here is whether this is good for someone who doesn't know what they're doing, as opposed to is this good for an experienced user.

I used to always promote the free-ware that I use for such things (AVG, Kerio, Spybot, etc).

Now when my computer-illiterate friends and aquaintences ask for advice, I direct them to the nearest commercial equivalent that offers tech support.

Otherwise I'd spend all my time at people's houses fixinf minor glitches.

If this is both offered and supported by the ISP, set your neighbor up ASAP! =)

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posted posted 03-15-2005 23:34
Hugh said:

If its server sided I wouldn't go for it, call em and find out. If its software they send you , go for it , why not?

imho i would go for it just the other way around. i wouldn't want my isp sending me some software to install and uninstall my software. if it's server-side what would it matter if you have software running on your machine or not? I have an email server here at work that runs anti-viri but everyone's computer also runs AVG.

if their server-side software buggers out with software that you are running on your computer........then something's rotten in denmark.

but yeah. call and find out if it's server-side or they send you some piece of crap software for you to install.


yeah. DL is correct. I guess i didn't get it that this was more for your neighbor than you. if they offer it with tech support then hell yeah go for it. my cellphone has become the tech support hotline for everyone that has the number for every freakin minor stupid problem you could think of.




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Rinswind 2th
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posted posted 03-15-2005 23:44

Actually antivirus software on their servers is far more efficient than on your pc and an isp control their traffic much better with spam and anti virus software installed. They can stop the fast spreading off virusses on their network proctecting their data load and their customers. For the health of the total internet antispam and antivirus software on the isp's network is a very good thing. However you should not only rely on a serverside solution. You should always install your own security software.
Firewall, antivirus, spam etc.
Just think about it this way how many computers can you protect? one two maybe ten or a couple off hundred when on a big company network. How many can be done by the ISP ten thousends for a small isp to a couple million for the bigger ones.
Every barrier on the net which stops or slows down spam virusses and other crap you don't want is a good thing.

my 2 cents

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From: Florida
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posted posted 03-16-2005 03:03
I X I said:

quote:reisio saidtherwise stuck with AOLsounds like they're talking about aol

Ha, I hadn't even thought about that. Last time I saw that AOL commercial about how using AOL would make your computer super safe I laughed for about 5 minutes straight.

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

Insane since: Apr 2000

posted posted 03-16-2005 18:04

Being an IT Professional, I'm somewhat of a control freak with my environment at home. I don't like anyone else filtering anything unless I have control over what's filtered, and a method to override those settings. I'd rather control all of those inhouse.

Windows XP SP2 covers both the popup blocker (IE) and the firewall. Firefox covers popups as well. Keep in mind that some sites REQUIRE that popups be enabled. A perfect example is Outlook Web Access for any company using Exchange. It needs popups enabled on that site.


Microsoft's AntiSpyware (yeah, I know, it's still beta, but it's good) and AdAware cover the spyware.

Install all Windows Critical updates, recommended updates, and driver updates. Install all updates for Office.

Set everything to auto-update daily. Yeah, I know, AV vendors update once a week and MS does once a month - but just do it daily. Plug the computer into a UPS ($40 for an APC BackUps ES 350).

Problems solved. I sometimes feel guilty about billing clients to set this up. But when properly done, 99% of their problems go away immediately. And, as long as everything is being updates, problems don't usually popup again (other than the lack of drive space from saving too much porn, but that's another story).

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posted posted 03-17-2005 02:24

A bit more info on this...

quote: an all-in-one security package ....... It is a software package that you to install on your computer if you wish to take advantage of the security features that it offers.

Shaw Secure is the F-Secure package which is a reputable European security suite.

So everything does in fact get installed on your 'puter....and I haven't yet done a goo gle on 'F-Secure'... anyone here familiar with this suite/company before I start searching?

One other thing I found interesting... my ISP... Shaw, says it is the first provider to provide such a package... free of charge. Free of course being relative. =)

But I'm almost certain it's going on the neighbours 'puter. =)

Maniac (V) Mad Scientist

From: Long Island, NY
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posted posted 03-17-2005 06:34

F-Secure Internet Security 2005 - Zdnet Review

I've never used this software nor do I know anyone else who has but I'm aware of its existence. I would install it if I were you. We're talking about FREE - sort of - software here. Install it on your/your neighbor's computer and evaluate it yourself. If you notice a drastic reduction in spyware/viruses/spam/measles/mumps/etc. then write a glowing review here. If it doesn't live up to your expectations then uninstall it.

I just don't have problems with virus, spam, or spyware anymore. All of my Windows machines are fully updated with SP2. I enable the popup blocker & firewall. For email, we all use addresses from a private domain & Microsoft Outlook with spam blockers on both ends. Adaware runs a nightly check for me. On my Mac, I use Norton Internet Security 2005.

The reality though is all of that stuff doesn't matter. I would estimate that 95% of all computer problems are user related. The biggest thing you can do is be smart about your browsing. Stop using P2P downloading programs like Kazaza. Don't open email that seems shady. Refrain from signing up for every single internet service you come across. Most of the stuff is common sense.

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posted posted 03-17-2005 10:30

I use Frisk software, and I find it's excellent, I wouldn't use Norton or McAfee over it.

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posted posted 03-17-2005 13:52

I've used f-secure both at work and at home before and it's as good AV software as any other commercial sw.
The key to AV is the updates you subscribe to (the actual filters that recognice virus and similar).
Are these included, how often are the distributed, can you use auto update, will you need to pay for these (now or later)?

But AFAIK F-Secure is good AV-SW.

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posted posted 03-17-2005 17:47


'...checks for virus updates on an hourly basis..
This service upgrade is available at no charge on up to 3 computers in your home. '

Thank you.
If you're a customer, it's all free and since it's the only 'cable' provider (nice not so little monopoly) there are plenty of customers. And I imagine it's a hell of a contract for F-Secure as the ISP isn't just in my little corner of the world... it services a good chuck of the country.

My little corner of the world btw is basically Victoria, BC and from all the stats I've ever seen, it (we) are the most 'connected' area in Canada. That would of course include the 'other' land line providers.

Anywhoooo... overall it seems like a pretty good deal and if I get time today...I'll be next door installing it on the neighbours' system.

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