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IP logged posted posted 01-23-2006 16:20 Edit Quote

i'm new here...
one of my friends told me about you guys.
i'm designing my second webpage ever in CSS...
and having a bit of trouble with something that seems really simple.

Here's what's up.
I want my webpage to be "fluid" stay centered when the browser window is resized, etc.
And so's working. The content box, the text, all working.

My problem now is that my MENU text doesn't move around with the browser. it stays in the same place on the window. it doesn't fit to the window...or do what it's supposed to.

Here's what the page is supposed to look like:

Here's the page as it is'll notice, if you resize it, the menu text moves around.

ANNND...the CSS file:

I'd appreciate any help or advice I can get.
Everything else is working so well...
that's all I'm looking for.


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IP logged posted posted 01-23-2006 17:11 Edit Quote

Hi sistergrey, welcome to the Asylum, I noticed that you've used absolute positioning, this is why it seems to 'move' when you resize, infact everythihng else is moving and your navigation is not, I'd suggest you use floating methods to position your navigation.

Let us know if you become stuck with this, oh, and make sure to check your code with a validator such as the w3c's online one.


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IP logged posted posted 01-23-2006 17:38 Edit Quote

^ what he said.

You want to avoid absolute positioning whenever possible. It usually causes more problems than it solves.

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IP logged posted posted 01-23-2006 18:47 Edit Quote

is there an example of a good way to use floating positioning for this?
...would i just use floating in that portion of my style sheet that has the "absolute" in it?

thank you SO much.

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IP logged posted posted 02-07-2006 13:35 Edit Quote

Think of things that have been put in the floating order as words in a Word document. They'll flow to the left or the right as you tell them to, and fill up a particular area as wide as they can before wrapping down below. So if your container is 500px wide, you can float two elements of 240px next to each other, but you cannot float two elements of 260px next to each other. They'll end up one below the other.

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IP logged posted posted 02-09-2006 08:46 Edit Quote

Hi sistergray,

I took a look at your site in Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6.0 and your site looks and your navigation seem to move perfectly when I resize my browser. Did you fix your problem? If not maybe you could post a screenshot indicating the problem since I am having a hard time duplicating it.


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