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Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Milky Way
Insane since: Nov 2001

posted posted 07-06-2006 13:09

in reply to this piece of text:

Arthemis, aside of posting a few thousand answers to complicated or undocumented coding questions right here,
I've been a sysadmin for Philip Morris international for a year, in theyre worldly headquarters,
and am currently a senior consultant and project manager for several software development projects: the first having started today for a private bank
(read bank for huge private fortunes).

I have no doubt your home comp connected to your d-link router makes you feel you know what information science is about,
my 8 years of experience, qualifications, torough knowledge of Windows, and the C, Cpp and Java language, as well as some assembler
and many others, is not to be proven anymore - in PMI I was managing 400 comps, and had to perform tasks like planning and implementing
infrastructures for international events - while keeping in mind security aspects to protect the information integrity of a billion dollars company.

Whn you've come that long long way... you feel a pain in your backbone when you care to answer Lambda user and share part of your overview, and Lambda user stupidly
waves back the rpc service he learnt about because of some worm, which in this case had - nothing - to do with my situation.

Why do you bother asking, without knowing or showing respect for my background, only to stupidly instruct me to rtfm? How in the hell
does your brain make so poor connections/assumptions SO FAST, Intel would be interested in such a techy exploit?

Very, very simply, you make me feel like paypalling you a couple of cents - and make me regret any willingness to share my expertise at the same time.

Do me a favor: write down in your braincells the fact you have nothing to teach me
- but would have much to learn from me - and next time, don't ask, or take the time to think about the answer.

Then try to disable a single service on one of the 2000 computers in PMI headquarters, subject to very strict security policies.
And don't come whining RPC when you get badly slapped for incompetency.

...Jesus freaking Christ... for you, and only you, I have a special "gift": I make the choice of never answering a single solitary tech question from you -ever- again
unless you're wanting to make amend for having wasted my time. I -do- sound harsh and it is deserved, don't whine about that either, don't even try, so far you're merely
an annoiance, and it's enough.

I say never: take or leave, but don't wave a home user experience and play it like you "knew it all", you don't, and my time is too precious
for me to accept answering questions that end up in primal "ough! erpeecee" kinds of reactions.

Get a clue, or ask for it, but pay respect and treat gold as what it is.

Here is my main reference: , top that... i dare you.

I stand by what i've said - some services are better off turned off - and i still point out the same disabling of the RPC service as the probable cause for what disallowed you to change settings on other services.

I've been lurking around the Asylum long enough to know your credentials well. I do have an idea of how much you know.
Also, i could easily tamper with your weak personality, as i think i've learned the depth of quite a few of your weak spots by now, but i will not enumerate them nor take much advantage of them right now.

I've seen a bit of your lack of tolerance for having your opinion discredited, but i don't care enough not to rectify you. Even if i'm facing the Mighty Philip Morris Sysadmin's ultra-well-formed-opinion.

After all, this is what "science" is all about.


"and had to perform tasks like planning and implementing infrastructures for international events"

"planning and implementing infrastructures for international events"?! - international.. as in the Internet?! Because to me that's just what it sounds like - you had them connect to the Internet.

But you make it sound like you have invented a brand new way for faraway computers to talk to each other. Good for you.


Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Under the Bridge
Insane since: Nov 2002

posted posted 07-06-2006 13:59

Huraaah ......Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight

~Sig coming soon~

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: London
Insane since: Jun 2003

posted posted 07-06-2006 14:35


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