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IP logged posted posted 01-31-2007 02:00 Edit Quote

Well... I've got a bit of an issue. I've got a website, and I've got no idea of how to get things rolling. I don't want to just give away a link right now, because it looks pathetic seeing one registered member and one hosted site.

So what do I do? Privately ask people to sponsor others? Fake registered users? Any tips?

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IP logged posted posted 01-31-2007 08:49 Edit Quote

Do it the Google way make it invite only for a while to silently build a community of guinea pig.

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I remember, back in the day, when everyone's little site was totally ignored until something magical happened.

I ran a design competition for one month, many years back, called CoolingTrend. At some point, after launching, k10k got a hold of it and posted the link up. Needless to say, within a day I had 100+ emails waiting for me with new entries. I couldn't keep up.

Later, I started a tiny little signature hosting system, primarily for this site and its users. Somehow, someone else got a hold of the link and started passing it around all sorts of boards. My little 1mb storage became 500mb overnight. Fortunately, I never cared about bandwidth, so I just kept it running until the domain expired sometime in 2004.

What I mean to point out is that you cannot create hype. You must let the hype create itself. If your system is a good idea (and I wouldn't know, your 'About Us' section is exceedingly vague) and you appear to be genuine in your delivery (by the way, you don't seem to be since you don't even mention yourself by name, just by nickname) the idea itself will carry its own weight.

I wrote an article some years back about community on the Web, and focused on the concept of 'digital charisma.' Doc Ozone has never, ever advertised, for example, the Asylum, except on his own site. And yet, here we are, years and years and years after he launched it. The site became bigger than any one person, including Doc. And it took time. Lots of it.

So, think about that when you're trying to convince people to use your site. You may need to do some advertisement. You may need to share the link around, pass it between friends, and get some initial people to offer whatever it is that you're trying to get accomplished here before you can get anywhere.

Keep in mind that, above all else, you're doing this for your users, not for you. It's only a failure if you give up on it.


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IP logged posted posted 02-02-2007 22:16 Edit Quote

twItch^ said:

I wrote an article some years back about community on the Web

I'll post the link since twItch^ is too modest



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