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Just wondering what people are using for an editor these days.

I have to rebuild my setup on my lap top after a hard drive death, and I'm looking for new options.

Oh, and other stuff - what other utilities make your web development life easier?

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I still use Max's HTML Beauty. It's light and does what I need. Other than that, I have a few FireFox extensions that are very helpful. Web Developer Toolbar and Firebug mostly. Those are some great extension.

I started learning a little python and using gVim which is a really good editor if you take the time to learn the commands.

I don't want to start a OS war or anything, but I have found a couple of Linux apps that are great for development that I would love to see something like it on Windows. One is called Kate. It has a built in terminal so you can run the scripts and see the results without ever leaving the editor. The other is Quanta. It's a lot like MaX's HTML Beauty just a bit more.

I do have XAMP installed on my laptop for when I have to go out of town (like now) and want to goof off doing some PHP stuff or something.

Other than that, nothing. I really don't do a lot of programming anymore but I do goof with it once in a while. Mostly Python.



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I'm oldschool, but that's what works for me:

  • UltraEdit
  • Opera + notes panel for a todo list + links panel for bulk download + opera.postError( foo ) for console output + cached page edition + alert( foo ) + status = foo note to self: I should really try the internal version of our forthcomming debugger tool
  • Firefox for testing + FireBug + liveHttpHeaders for FireFox specific debugging and network analysis
  • Safari for testing
  • IE7 for testing
  • FileZilla
  • PhotoShop
  • IrfanView
  • FoxIt (PDF) reader
  • Videolan VLC
  • WinAmp
  • Miranda IM client

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I'm on Windows XP and use Webuilder and Notepad++ for most of my web development.

For FTP I like Filezilla or WS_FTP pro depending if I'm in my home studio or on my laptop.

As for other utilities: Some of these are commercial but low budget.

Snag-It - Is one utility I simply couldn't live without.
EverNote - Great for collecting code snip-its and keeping notes on projects, and simple to-do lists etc.
XnView - Image viewer and converter
Imatch - Image management, I use it to track my photography, sketchbooks, and idea/reference images.
WhereIsIt - Keeping of all my files, on and off line.
File Renamer Deluxe - Bulk file rename
Anytime Deluxe - Calender, Address Book, and Appointments
TightVNC - For remote access to my other computers on my network.
Digital Media Converter - Audio video conversion

If you work in a cross platform environment, these utilities come in handy.

Crossfont - Font converter, Excellent for converting font between Mac and PC
Mac Drive - Mac file system access
Quicktime Pro
Stuff-it - File compression.

Oh and I can't forget Open Office : I use it mostly cleaning up the odd .CSV and excel file. But I also like its drawing application for flow and org charts or mind maps. I still use word 2000 for most writing tasks.

I'm still haven't found a project management application I like. Dot Project looks promising and is now a one step install at Dreamshost, but I would really prefer something I can run offline on my laptop. Something similar to MS Project, as I work on the go a lot and don't always have web access.

J. Stuart J.

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Well I'm using Mac OS X and Ubuntu these days.

I live and die by Eclipse, it's a brilliant editor, and although it may not be super fast to load up, it's so powerful once you have the right plugins for your development.

If you want a nice light-weight editor I also like using Vim for small edits or apache conf files, but something I've come across recently which is rather good is Intype, it's much the same as Textmate on the Mac, but for Windows.

A fresh start sounds like a really good opportunity to check out a nice Linux distro

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

From: Umeå, Sweden
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I mainly use SciTE on Windows, though I liked TextPad too when I used it. (And despite TextPad and UltraEdit being close to feature identical I really, really hated the UltraEdit interface last time I checked it out. Can't really say why, though.) I've been using SciTE since 2003, and haven't looked into other Windows editors since then. And bloodshed dev-c++ for C/C++, but I'm still a novice in C/C++ and seldom have the time needed to teach myself any more.

I haven't found an editor I really like on Mac OS X, so I'm using SubEthaEdit for now. It's not really what I want, but it's preferable to jEdit, TextMate, BBE and the others I've tested. (A SciTE port would be nice. I don't require a lot of features, but they have to be the right ones, and SciTE has what I want.)

As for other stuff, one tool I really use is a JavaScript evaluation window based on Hixie's JavaScript evaluation sidebar, but with a few features added.

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Excellent. A few things I'm not familiar with that I'll check out.

I always find the process of searching out new editors and trying them out exceptionally tedious...but I really want something new.
At this point, I want something light-weight and attractive. The only features I need are:
-syntax highlighting for multiple languages (the basics - HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript...)
-tabs for multiple files
-some sort of explorer/file browser pane

Seems most of what I find for editors either have waaaay more than this, which just becomes annoying, or is missing one or more of these features. Been a while since I've checked out some of the bigger names though...guess I'll have to dig through them again.


Blaise said:

A fresh start sounds like a really good opportunity to check out a nice Linux distro

I had been running a duel boot with XP/Ubuntu for a while. Had some problems with a botched update on the ubuntu and ditched it for a while. Downloaded the latest version just the other day...will have it set up again soon.

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Tyberius Prime
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I use Ulipad these days... mostly because it's written in python and 'easily' hackable
(ie. I misuse it as 'emacs with menus and without lisp').

Dl: It does have syntax highlighting, tabs, and a file browser (but at least in the version I have here, the file browser's broken,
don't know if it's been fixed already).

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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IP logged posted posted 02-12-2008 17:21 Edit Quote

i use"> it is free and has all the languages i need (want) you might want to have a look at it
and it has what you want:

-syntax highlighting for multiple languages (the basics - HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript...)
-tabs for multiple files
-some sort of explorer/file browser pane (can be a remote Server)

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At work (on Windows :/) I tend to use Bluefish* in Cygwin. That way I can also run commands like bluefish ??news*.html... and of course use all the great tools a decent Unix shell has available to it, too.

Crimson Editor/Emerald Editor is another decent free GUI editor for Windows.

Aptana Studio is a decent editor, but being Java (Eclipse) based, it's not exactly as light as some others. Last time I checked (admitttedly a while ago), its HTML template was bad, FYI.

Paranoid (IV) Inmate

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I use SciTE for quick stuff, otherwise Komodo Edit.

Maniac (V) Mad Librarian

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IP logged posted posted 02-12-2008 23:37 Edit Quote

i'm also still with max html beauty

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if those are your only requirements, would TextPad do the trick? I think you were actually the person the introduced me to it though

HTML Beauty rocks though



argo navis
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Filezilla, Photoshop, notepad or wordpad or PSpad (very handy for files in multiple encoding types, or for regular expression searches in Windows).
All recent browsers, don't even mention backwards compatibility to me - IE7+, khtml recent (Safari on Windows for example), Op9.2+, FF2+.

Vector drawing is also good for your health.
I personally like having some version of 3d studio around.
And am looking for a free alternative to Flash - I like the Flash VM these days.

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I still use Max's HTML Beauty. It is killer for a free app that IMO compares to old Dreamweaver, for us poor folks.

I also still use Photoshop 4.0 (still not CS... )

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Note to self: must buy an English keyboard. Works quite well for coding ( got one at work, but I' juggling between UK, NO and FR layouts between home and work ) and it's a blessing in PhotoShop if you are a keyboard shortcuts freak like me.

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You might also want to take a look at Notepad++. It seems to have what you need, and it doesn't go overboard with features. It does have a lot of different features, but they don't really get in the way. I've used it for quite some time now and I'm very happy with it.

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