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IP logged posted posted 02-12-2009 21:48 Edit Quote

I know there are tons of frameworks or ready made modular website systems out there.
But i am interested in HOW one can make the own website/project/... modular.
I am redoing a customers website(i made the original one 8 years ago) .

Short explanation on what they have/need to use as an example:
They are a radio Station and have on there Website:
Radio-Program/schedule linked to sites of the programs
archive of uploaded old programs

So i thought it would be great to split it up in modules. Now i started googling but did not realy find anything usefull.
So my question to you: has any one got experience or knows a good site(with examples) on this topic??

A nother motive for this is that i can re-use the modules in later projects.

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IP logged posted posted 02-12-2009 22:15 Edit Quote

Well, that is pretty vague... The first step in letting us help you would be to tell us what language you intend to code this in.

Second to that, is letting us know how much knowledge you have with regards to standard design patterns of the day (MVC, Singleton, et al).


Paranoid (IV) Inmate

Insane since: Dec 2001

IP logged posted posted 02-12-2009 22:36 Edit Quote

Ok language is php but should not be important. The principals should be usable in all languages. I do have some experience in designpatterns. I have to use them in my studies so i know basic principles of a lot of patterns used in software developement. MVC does not ring a bell, which might means i know it under a nother name, or have used it unknowingly.

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IP logged posted posted 03-24-2009 04:28 Edit Quote

A framework indeed is the way to go. I like to build my own. I guess because I enjoy coding, discovery, and coming up with my own stuff. About 8 years ago I discovered the magic of XSL. It changed my web development technique drastically. I abandoned a .NET GUI long before .NET web development ever took hold of me.

Anyhow, have you considered an XML/XSL transformation framework? The basic concept is this:

1) your business intelligence layer serializes all things to XML (well, all things important and necessary to render your front end)
2) your front end is a combination of XML/XSL transformation and client-side Javascript.
3) since your business intelligence layer is serializable, it can be serialized to JSON just as easy as to XML, therefore your Ajax requests are ready to go (well, you have to wire up an Ajax handler, but that is a piece of cake!)

Just some thoughts...

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