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This is a tradition in the ***WARNING*** BIG SIG APPROACHING forum.

It was initiated when the forum was plagued with threads with people asking how others came up with such good ideas, and what they could do for a sig.
The 'competition' was introduced to provide a new sig theme for every month, so that anyone who didn't know what to make a sig about could simply enter the competition.
The diminished number of "what should I make a sig about?" threads leads this asylumnite to believe that it worked.

The rules are pretty simple: the previous month's winner posts the topic for the competition, and provides any specific criteria that they desire. You have that month to enter a sig into the competition, and then the previous month's winner decides this month's winner at the end of the month.

Some basic pointers:
- Please remember those on dialup connections. Sure, the forum is called "***WARNING*** BIG SIG APPROACHING", but the judges generally smile upon 'small and effective' sigs over big bandwidth hoggers.
- Please do NOT end your posts in these threads with your regular, non-competition sig. This keeps the threads as small as possible, and avoids any confusion about which sigs are and aren't entries in the competition.
- The judge for the month posts his/her rules, and makes his/her judgement on the sig comp winner. Respect this. They have determined their judgement criteria, and that's the end of the story. If they say 'no animations', then feel free to make an animation, but don't be suprised when you don't win.
- Relax! Have fun! The purpose of this 'competition' is to encourage creativity and sharing common ideas, and to be honest, the prizes really aren't worth fighting for.

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