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Previous winners Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=4617" title="Pages that link to Previous winners" rel="nofollow" >Previous winners\

GRUMBLE has compiled a list of winners and the topics:

mar01: bunchapixels (pool) ->mahjqa
apr01: mahjqa (banners) ->docilebob
may01: docilebob (circus) ->kretsminky
jun01: kretsminky (red-x) ->eyezaer
jul01: eyezaer (happy) ->taxon
aug01: taxon (buddy) ->nimraw
sep01: nimraw (cartoon) ->moaiz
oct01: moaiz (godzilla) ->darkgarden
nov01: darkgarden (building) ->docilebob
dec01: docilebob (alien) ->vogonpoet
jan02: vogonpoet (wheels) ->warjournal
feb02: warjournal (videogames) ->massacre
mar02: massacre (nature) ->wakkos
apr02: wakkos(sports) ->vogonpoet
may02 vogonpoet(appliances) ->suho1004
jun02 suho1004 (torture/therapy) ->amerasu
jul02 amerasu (the ancient world) ->docilebob
aug02 docilebob (machines) ->grumble
sep02 grumble (food) ->eyezaer
oct02 eyezaer (disco) ->slime
nov02 slime (rube goldberg machines) ->docilebob
dec02 docilebob (weapon) ->(tba)
jan03 moth (jewelry) ->oddcat
feb03 oddcat (tattoos) ->darkgarden
mar03 darkgarden (transport) ->axleclarkeuk
apr03 axleclarkeuk (movies) ->michael
may03 micheal (inmates) ->kaboi
jun03 kaboi (wildlife) ->wolfen
jul03 wolfen (light) ->jung
aug03 jung (geography) ->moonshadow
sep03 moonshadow (science) ->lacuna
oct03 lacuna (song titles) ->dufty
nov03 dufty (addiction) ->moonshadow
dec03 moonshadow (love) ->jung
jan04 jung (TV) ->mahjqa
feb04 mahjqa (use your head) ->taobaybee
mar04 taobaybee (heraldry) ->amerasu
apr04 amerasu (robots) ->EzRa-D
may04 ezra-d (astrology) ->skaarjj
june04 skaarjj (electrical/tronic) ->gilbert nolander ->tyler
july04 tyler (inventions) ->EzRa-D
aug04 ezra-d (cooler than cool) ->amerasu
sept04 amerasu (horror) ->jung
oct04 jung (commercialism) ->mahjqa
nov04 mahjqa (games) ->reitsma
dec04 reitsma (the essence of you) ->redroy
jan05 redroy (egyptian) ->EzRa-D
feb05 EzRa-D (the passion of the sig) -> redroy
mar05 redroy (photography) -> taobaybee
apr05 taobaybee (tickets please) -> redroy
may05 redroy (revenge of the asylumites) -> EzRa-D
jun05 EzRa-D (mythical creatures) -> Amerasu
jul05 Amerasu (insects) -> DL-44
aug05 DL-44 (liquid) -> Ensellitis
sep05 Ensellitis (guilty pleasures) -> Jung
oct05 Jung (horror) -> outcydr
nov05 outcydr (Wild Wild West) -> redroy
dec05 redroy (happy holidays) -> mahjqa
jan06 mahjqa (toys) -> MiNiature
feb06 MiNiature (music) ->?

The history and some of the winning sigs can be found in this thread:

sig competition history

Due to some problems some of the older sig competition threads have gone missing and we are in the process reconstructing using the Internet Archives copies of the Asylum which can be found here:


and when the Asylum lived at Ozones:


for more info on the Asylum's history see:

Wasn't the Asylum once situated elsewhere?


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