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IP logged posted posted 03-24-2001 07:57 Edit Quote

hi peeples,
well, i had some spare time for a change, so i thought i would post the latest career thing that's making me happy.
im doing P/T work for the same company i used to be doing f/t work for (to make room for uni), and just yesterday i was told that my task for the next few weeks was to make myself the resident flash 5 expert.
yeah baby.
spending who knows how long, just playin' and learning, and increasing my knowledge base.
speaking of which, does anyone have any non gurusnetwork links?

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IP logged posted posted 03-25-2001 20:24 Edit Quote

Hey, that sounds really... fun. darn you. I wanna job like that!
I got lost links... but they all come from this crazy place here.

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