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I was wondering what is th avg. pay for a web master or designer working for a big company and how much do freelance's designer's make as well?

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From: Purgatory
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Damn I f*cked up the topic

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I don't know what the average pay is but I charge between 20$-30$ an hour freelance to create a site and 15$-20$ for maintence/updates. However I havn't done much freelance web design lately but instead I've done print design and I've just given quotes on how long the job will take and cost beforehand, varying drastically. The media varies also affecting price. I did a piano recital invitation recently that was letterpressed but charged for the printing separately so the design alone ended up only costing about 150$. I do a lot of photo rectouching for print as well. Running a business of photography to scanning, to retouch, to print some jobs get up in the thousands of dollars. Depending on size. Photography alone is about 1000$ a day. Scanning is based on number of images but usually 30$/image. Plus retouching which is hourly about 30$. Prints are based on size, quality, and media.


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Whew, long discussion there.

Average? Oh, probably $15-30/hr. But keep in mind the economy that you are going to be dealing with. Average may be a bit high. Above-average can stretch deeply into the hundreds per hour, whereas 15 year olds can get away with the standard $10. It depends on the company, on the market, and on your abilities as a designer.

And please, lets keep in mind that "web master," doesn't mean "graphic designer."

s t e p h e n

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Where you're working can make quite a big difference as well. At a "big company" you're likely to be making more than at a smaller design shop, but you'll also have less freedom and less exciting projects on the whole...



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Geographic concerns also will affect pay with the bigger agencies. I knew this girl who was working at Enrst/Young up in Canada, making the equivalent of parhaps $30k/year or so, with minor graphic design and heavy implementation work (HTML/Javascript/DHTML, etc...) When she left them, they offered her *double* to move to San Fran or NYC, and that was low by any standards, while her previous salary was high for the city she lived in. Freelance varies a huge amount, I try and *never* NEVER bill at less than $60/hour, and typically want more in the range of $120 or so. Most clients who go to a big agency will pay at least $100/hour for most tasks, so the shock shouldn't be too bad for them. With smaller clients, they don't know what the rates might be, so the trick is to not shock them too much. I'd still shoot for at least $30/hour at the low end, while making it clear to them that you're only going to be billing for "time worked", all the research and learning of new technologies is *your* overhead, that's why the billing is as it is. (Many small-time managers will simply multiply your proposed hourly rate by 40 hours, by 52 weeks, then compare with their *own* salary. Be prepared to explain that it doesn't work that way!)

Your pal, -doc-

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Thanks for help

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Huuu!! yeah!! thanks for help!! now that i'm in a new country, with a totall different economy than my old (and beloved) one, what you just said helps me a lot!!!

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~wanders off to scratch Maruman's head for enlightnment~

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