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Hey, nice input so far. I do mote, if not all of my vector art via hand and eye so that I can label that single stroke "left eye brow 1", etc. My question is now, i want to do a simple silhoette style animation in vector, similar to the ones via the iPod dancing commercial. I want to do something as animated, but not so complex.

Basically, I want to silhoette a DJ playing a record - his/her hands going back and forth. Fluid animation, not choppy as in :


That is a simple animation, but I want it to be more 'life' like. The method I know that will work is to get some actual video footage and trace it frame by entire frame. That would take more than 3 days to do it accurately and keep the file size down.

Any suggestions?


(Created by warreng_online on 09-25-2005 05:24)

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