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How do I convert a graphic from raster to vector format? Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5454" title="Pages that link to How do I convert a graphic from raster to vector format?" rel="nofollow" >How do I convert a graphic from raster to vector format?\

Most vector graphics software have their own convertors but there are also external applications which can do the job?

Relevant threads:

from raster to vector?

Some other possibly relevant ones (which deal with vectors and stuff in Photoshop)

Is this really true? (Photoshop/Illustrator thing) - exporting your clipping paths as vectors from Photoshop.


autocad/ps5.5 - importing AutoCAD files into PS (raster to vector).

Relevant links:

DMOZ - Top: Computers: CAD and CAM: Raster to Vector

Wikipedia - Comparison of Raster to Vector Conversion Software

Bitmap to Vector Conversion

Moving Files Between Applications: Overview - good general tutorial on all sorts of conversion.

Joz's Smallwares - Windows: Graphical-Vector - a list of raster to vector conversion software with the focuon CAD formats.

CorelDRAW/Corel Trace

Converting a Bitmap Logo to Vector in CorelDRAW


Convert the bitmap dog to a vector object


Painting to Photo Morph Effect - GN tutorial covering the trace bitmap function.

How do the Trace Bitmap Settings in Macromedia Flash Work?

Turning bitmaps into vector graphics

Convert Bitmaps to Vector Art in a Flash


Illustrator How-To: Turn Bitmap Images into Vector Art


MagicTracer - works well on low resolution scans and images.


Real-DRAW - a 2D/3D raster and vector package.


Adobe's StreamLine page


Autotrace - free for non-commercial use.

WinTopo - available as freeware or professional.

TraceLine - I have used this quite successfully in the past.

Convector Pro - freeware (I think) works on its own or as a plugin foor Arabesque Pro (for Atari or Atari compatible machines).



The Graphics Connection

R2V Web seems to be a commercial offering spammed around the web.

Relevant note:

As of the time of writing this FAQ was ranked number 5 at Google for the terms convert, from, raster, to, vector, format


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