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How do I convert a graphic from raster to vector format?

Convert bitmap to vector Pages that link to <a href="https://ozoneasylum.com/backlink?for=5794" title="Pages that link to Convert bitmap to vector" rel="nofollow" >Convert bitmap to vector\

I've been converting bitmap images into vector graphics for about 10 years and in my experience there is no better way then doing it manually. Tracing programs should only be used when accuracy, quality and file sizes are not issues which is very rare.

You can spend hours playing with image contrast and trace settings and in the end you will have to edit the results. I skip all the messing around and do it manually 99% of the time because my work calls for quality and I can give an accurate quote of how long a job will take me.

All it takes is patience and you'll eventually get the hang of it. Most jobs are simply a matter of tracing what you see. But when the details are just not there then all you have is your imagination and experience. Sometimes you might have to create your own font tips (serifs). If you do, then make a template line and use them for all the letters.

Whenever possible, find the exact font that was used in a logo and reproduce any effects that may of be used. Many font websites can help you indentify fonts visually or usenet groups are also very helpfull.

I suggest using CorelDraw version 7 to 9. I haven't used any of the newer versions yet but I'll guess and hope they are similar. Adobe 7 and lower just plain suck but don't tell anyone I said that or I'll get my head chewed off. (Photoshop sucks too, shhhhh)

Most important thing to remember is to backup, backup and BACKUP! Don't be stupid. If you get to a point where you've done many lines, that you don't want to have to repeat, say 10-15 minutes max, then hit "save as", change the file name to a new version like graphic1.cdr, graphic2.cdr, graphic3.cdr etc.. And in between the name changes just hit save and update your current file after any complex line.




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I agree with Darcy 100% converting manually gets the best results. The human eye along with experience means that really low web resolutions can be converted to vectors much more correctly than any automated software currently available! I would also recommend an application such as xara its very easy to pick up and learn especially if you've never used an app like Illustrator or Corel.
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