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I'm very interested in the possibility of working in Europe as a graphic artist/web designer. What are some good ways to establish lasting business connections before I go? I've thought about services like Aquent, but I am struggling to find other options. What kind of market is there for quality designers, specifically in England, Germany, Spain, Italy and Denmark? What about housing arrangements or maybe even house swapping, how does it usually work? I have interest in both temporary and permanent positions. I have a wide range of questions that need to be answered so I'll keep posting as I think of them. Anybody familiar with the relocation process, please post. Any input is much appreciated.


Just curious nj, do you live in Victoria?

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Well you may think I'm off topic here... but... if you're really interested and are prepared to go at the drop of hat, *First* go and get all your 'shots.'

All the rest of the paperwork can be figured out.


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here's some links to check through for the UK market....

....maybe they'll give you some idea.

House swaps are possible.

A 1 bed flat (fully furnished) will cost you on average around £120.00p ($180) per week rent.

Salaries vary according to experience and knowledge. Like over your side of the pond, companies want you to be as qualified as a brain surgeon, but don't wanna pay more than the going rate for a janitor.

One thing my friend, the grass aint no greener, believe me.


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I'd just have to point out that without a college degree and loads of experience in the field, chances are good you'll be shit outta luck if you ship yourself over to another country.

but maybe I'm just bitter.

s t e p h e n

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